Smalls & Sides

 Siew Yuk    12.90
 two slabs of bite sized roasted pork belly

 Belacan Pork    11.90
 deep fried pork marinated with shrimp paste

 Keropork    5.90
 fried pork skin

 Homemade Sausages    12.90
 two italian fennel sausages. add 2.00 for chorizos.  add 1.00 for a mix of both

 Mini Pizzas    7.90
 topped with mozzarella & parmesan. choose bacon  & tomato or pulled pork & pineapple

 Chilli Cheese Fries    10.90
 with spicy minced pork and melted cheese

 Bacon Strips    10.90
 eight strips of streaky bacon

 Fries    4.90    |    Sweet Potato Fries    8.90

 Mash    5.90
 homemade mash with onion gravy

 Plain Rice 1.00



 Bacon & Chilli    12.90
 streaky bacon, garlic, chilli padi, olive oil

 Phad Khrapao Muu    12.90
 spicy minced pork, thai basil, egg sunny side up

 Meatballs    16.90
 rosemary meatballs, herbed tomato sauce

 Shrooms & Toms    18.90
 shiitake & eryingii mushrooms, herbed tomato meat  sauce

 Mushroom & Cream    20.90
 streaky bacon, shiitake mushrooms, thyme, cream



 All burgers are served with two (2) sides of your  choice; salad, fries or mash. add 2.00 for sweet  potato fries

 3 Little Pigs    16.90
 pork patty, streaky bacon, homemade ham,  caramelized onions, cheese

 Vesuvius    21.90
 double pork patty with chilli cheese center, fiery  tomato sauce, streaky bacon

 Southern Belle    15.90
 pulled pork in homemade barbeque sauce, purple  cabbage slaw

 Super Mario    15.90
 pork patty, shiiitake mushrooms, cheese

 Plain Jane    12.90
 pork patty, cheese

 Humpty Dumpty    12.90
 streaky bacon, fried egg, cheese (no patty)

 Burger Add Ons:
 Pork Patty    4.00
 Homemade Ham    2.00
 Streaky Bacon    1.50/ pc
 Shiitake Mushrooms    3.00
 Cheese | Fried Egg    1.00
 Avocado    3.00
 Sausage: Italian Fennel    6.50 | Chorizo    7.50


 Fresh/ Frozen Deli

 Pork Patties    4.00/ pc

 Homemade Sausages:
 Italian Fennel    6.00/ pc
 Chorizo    7.00/ pc

 Homemade Ham    2.00/ pc

 Burger Buns    1.20/ pc



                                                            Hot         Iced
 Tea | Lemon Tea                               3.20        3.90

 Green Tea | Earl Grey |                    4.20        4.90
 English Breakfast | Chamomile

 Brewed Coffee                                   5.90        6.90

 Chocolate                                           5.90        6.90

 Milk                                                    4.90        5.90

 Lemonade                                                         4.90

 Fresh Juices                                                      7.90
 Orange | Watermelon |
 Apple | Pineapple | Carrot
 add 1.00 for no ice

 Passion Fruit Soda                                           5.90

 Elderflower | Rhubarb |                                 5.90
 add 1.00 for soda

 Honey Lemon                                    3.90        4.90

 Ribena Soda                                                     4.90

 Coke | 100 Plus | Sprite                                  2.50

 Mineral Water                                                  2.50

 Chinese Tea                                      1.00        1.00

 Plain Water                                       0.50        0.50



Bacon Gelato    9.90
vanilla bean gelato, candied bacon bits, drizzled with honey

Assorted Gelato by Cielo Dolci    8.90
gelato made with natural fruits and ingredients. please ask for current flavours

Brownie    10.90
warm chocolate brownie, vanilla bean gelato

Frozen Peanut Butter Pie    11.90
peanut butter, cream cheese, whipped cream, biscuit base. served with chocolate sauce


 The Hog House Salad    21.90
 romaine lettuce, french beans, cherry tomatoes,  avocado, boiled eggs, streaky bacon, homemade ham,  french dressing

 Lemongrass Pork    16.90
 lemongrass pork strips, lettuce, carrots, thai basil,  coriander, mint, bean sprouts

 Roasted Pumpkin & Bacon    15.90
 roasted pumpkin wedges, streaky bacon, coriander,  mint, sesame, lime, olive oil

 Tropical    11.90
 mixed coral leaves, pineapples, cherry tomatoes,  dragon fruit, lime, olive oil



 Siew Yuk Rice    11.90
 roasted pork belly, pickled vegetables, chilli lime  sauce

 Lemongrass Pork Rice    11.90
 lemongrass pork strips, egg sunny side up, pickled  vegetables

 Phad Khrapao Muu    10.90
 spicy minced pork, thai basil, egg sunny side up



 All sandwiches are served with two (2) sides of your  choice; salad, fries or mash. add 2.00 for sweet potato  fries

 Roasted Pork & Cress    15.90
 roasted pork belly, fried egg, watercress, mayo

 Ham & Cheese    14.90
 homemade ham, cheese, cucumber, tomato, lettuce,  mustard

 BELT    12.90
 back bacon, egg mayo, lettuce, tomatoes



 Char Siew Ribs    29.90
 assorted spare rib cuts, char siew sauce, mixed coral  leaves, cherry tomatoes, pineapples

 The Full English    22.90
 homemade italian fennel sausage, eggs sunny side  up, streaky bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, grilled  tomatoes, toast
 add 2.00 for chorizos. add 1.00 for a mix of both

 Huevos Rancheros    17.90
 pulled pork, eggs sunny side up, avocados, salsa,  tortillas

 Porky Chops    20.90
 pan fried pork shoulder loin chops, honey mustard  sauce, watercress, mash

 Bangers & Mash    16.90
 homemade italian fennel sausages, mash, onion  gravy, side salad
 add 2.00 for chorizos. add 1.00 for a mix of both

 Pork Goulash    18.90
 hungarian stew of pork shoulder, bell peppers,  onions, tomatoes, paprika, cumin. served with your  choice of mash or bread

 Chickpea, Chorizo & Spinach Stew    18.90
 stew of chorizo sausages, chickpeas, spinach,  tomatoes, paprika. served with bread

 Lasagne    22.90
 pork ragu, creamed spinach, mozzarella, parmesan.  served with a side of french beans


 Bottled Beers

 Tiger                                                    10.90

 Heineken                                             11.90

 Guinness                                             12.90

 Hoegaarden                                        15.90

 Leffe Brune                                         15.90

 Little Creatures Pale Ale                     20.90

 Erdinger White                                    22.90

 Erdinger Dark                                      22.90

 Weihenstaphan White                        23.90

 Weihenstephan Dark                          23.90

 Magners Cider                                    28.90